Sunday, April 20, 2008

Eli's Big Adventure

So the inside of the cottage is roughly 95% complete and the exterior of the house is undergoing a facelift, but the grounds of the cottage has a decade's worth of work remaining when you include the 15 wooded acres that needs to be cleaned up.

We began the yard work last weekend with the help of Steve and Tammy Reed by gathering the scraps and trash created by the new siding. We did not, however, give the yard itself any attention.

We have approx. 2 acres of grass that, as you might imagine, had become nearly overwhelming as it had not been mowed since last fall. Fayanne and Bruce gave us their riding lawn mower when they received Grandpa's old one. It has served us well for several years, but is in need of a tune-up before we can use it down at PCC... so... we took down a push mower. Yes that's right, Carrie and I push mowed 2 acres of bumpy farm yard with a mower whose self-propelling feature has long stopped working.

Eli loved that we were out in the yard. This video is a brief chronicle of his adventures. It includes cameo appearances from Eli's new friend "Bob" the neighbor's yellow lab.

Man, does the yard look so much nicer now that's its done. I do hope however that we are able to get the riding mower in at Compton's before the yard requires a second mowing.

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