Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Reeds Visit Sans Kids

Steve and Tammy Reed visit...

The Reeds arrived around 6:00 Saturday evening. We gave them a quick tour of the place as it had been several weeks since they had seen it and it was a construction zone at that time... They made barbecue chicken Boboli pizza that was out of this world with a great salad full of mozzarella balls served with dressing from the Pine Club.

We talked late and learned amazing things about Dirty Dungarees.

Sunday morning Steve and I made a run into Greenfield for supplies. We determined that we need to start collecting the recipes of dishes prepared at Paint Creek Cottage to compile into a cookbook in the future.

We cleaned up the trash created from the new siding.

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bsaunders said...

I really enjoyed the video clip of Eli out and about while you and Carrie were mowing. I especially enjoyed the end where Eli asked you to kiss his hand.
Looking forward to the campout during the first week of June!