Sunday, April 20, 2008

Patriarch Partakes - We Celebrate a Birthday with Bill Peelle

At our request, my Dad joined us Friday evening to celebrate his birthday, which is this Monday.

We followed the inspired lead of last weekend's Saturday evening guests by recreating the highly successful barbecue chicken Boboli pizza. (We gave it our best shot, but it did not compete with the original masterpiece created by Steve and Tammy.) Still, this recipe has already become one of the "staples" of PCC.

We washed it down with one of three bottles of Bordeaux my Dad came bearing as cottage warming gifts. His generosity did not stop with incredible vino, but he also came bearing a Haier wine cellar that will assure that all future guests of PCC are served wine at the optimal temperature and it stores the wine on its side preventing the corks from drying out. We have yet to determine the wine cellar's final resting place and will very likely need to install a new outlet to provide it energy. (Take note of the gorgeous buffet behind Dad. It was purchased at auction and was then sent to the Ohio studio of Pennsylvania artist, Teresa Marino, my aunt, where she and my step-mother Carol worked their collaborative magic. They painted a mustard base coat and used faux techniques to brush on a red top coat that gives the illusion the piece is an antique. It turned out brilliantly! Thank you ladies.)

We had lively conversation and caught up on news from Aiken and on Chaley, Bub, Shane, and Cameron. All seems to be going very well in the nuclear Peelle family. Our branch of the family tree is growing both closer and larger with each passing year. (We look forward to having the whole "Famn Peelle Damily" out to PCC soon.)

We also had a discussion about the recent earthquake and Dad gave us a small science lesson on tectonic plates. Can you believe Mother Earth experiences over 1,000,000 earthquakes annually?

Carrie made her famous handmade blackberry scones from scratch for breakfast.

Dad scooted out the door by nine in order to make it back to the office for a 10:00 appointment. It was very nice spending time with Dad.

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